Know Before You Go (but really...Know Before You Log-In!)

Welcome to the 42nd Annual NADTA Virtual Conference 

"Connect, Celebrate, and Co-create”

On this page you will find important information to help you have the best possible experience throughout the conference weekend, including our Community Guidelines, as well as the #NADTA2021 Zoom Best Practices for all participants, the #NADTA2021 Presenter Tech Guide, and some reminders about Obtaining CEs at #NADTA2021

As we embark on this new adventure together in the virtual space, please observe the following Community Guidelines: 

  • Come as you are and engage fully: Although we are not able to be together physically, we hope you engage in the offerings this year as fully as you would in-person.  It’s okay to join as you are, whether engaging from the comfort of your couch or in a more formal playspace. For tips around setting up your physical environment for most effective use with Zoom, please review our “Zoom Best Practices”. 

    Participate fully where applicable, check in and network with your peers and colleagues, and learn new and exciting things to advance your practice.  
  • Take care of yourself: The “Zoom Fatigue” is real.  Stretch regularly.  Also, remember the “real-world” is out there!  If you find yourself needing to take a Zoom-break instead of attending a session, take it. Enjoy our Self Care sessions to begin your virtual experience each conference day, call a drama therapy friend on the phone instead, or take a moment away from your screen.

    We recognize that the “real world” can sneak into our Zoom-land; we have families, pets, background noises, and all kinds of other distractions - try your best to be fully present, but know that we love families of all forms and that we understand that real-world distractions come up!  We strongly encourage the use of headphones. 

    If you need a moment of privacy or to step away, make sure you are muted, turn off your camera, and return as soon as you can to re-engage. 
  • Follow our #NADTA2021 Zoom Agreements:  Please review the following Zoom agreements.  As participants in this virtual conference, we are all expected to adhere to these guidelines.

    a.    Do not share any Zoom links, meeting ID numbers, or passcodes with anyone during the conference. All attendees will receive their own email from the NADTA with personalized information for the conference, including links for all of the workshops that are available on their registered days.

    Again, links and access info cannot be shared.  Attendees who need assistance related to Zoom links should contact the NADTA Office directly by email [email protected] or phone (518) 694-5363.

    b.    Be sure to rename yourself on Zoom using the following format: Name (first and last) and Pronouns - this will also help us to verify CEs for all attendees.  (Example: John Doe, they/them)  We recommend doing this on your Zoom profile settings ahead of time so it is set automatically - see the Zoom support page for information how to do this: Customizing your profile in Zoom

    c.    In an effort to minimize disruption for everyone, be sure to login to sessions ON-TIME (or a few minutes early), don’t “Zoom-hop” from one open session to another, and communicate with respect in the chat (remember: chats including private messaging may be saved in transcripts), the Q&A, and in other exchanges.

  • Engage respectfully & compassionately: Although this is not a space where we are actively engaging in therapy, workshops and performances can certainly bring up a lot of personal reflection for everyone.  

    Remember to step forward and step back (make space for all voices), be open to engaging with a variety of individual experiences and perspectives, and hold one another accountable with kindness.  Please also remember that while you are free to reflect on and process your own experience, do not share about the experiences or sharings of others in your workshops.

    Please Note: We will not condone or tolerate any expressions of racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any other hateful or threatening speech, inappropriate behavior, or aggression towards others within any of the conference spaces.  The conference team reserves the right to remove an attendee from a Zoom meeting, webinar, or performance to the Zoom waiting room or to remove a participant from the session entirely if any of these occur, and the individual may be subject to being removed from the conference altogether - in this instance, no refunds will be provided. 

Our conference team wants to ensure the best possible experience for all of our presenters and attendees.  In that spirit, please be aware that if there are any significant disruptions or violations of these community guidelines from any individual, that the conference team may remove that individual from the Zoom meeting or performance. Please contact the NADTA Office for assistance.

We look forward to this experience with all of you!

Your #NADTA2021 Conference Team