Our Conference Theme

“Awaken your spirit to adventure; Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm, For your soul senses the world that awaits you.”

—“For a New Beginning” by John O’Donohue

Standing on the shore of a new decade, we draw on our creativity, tools and wisdom to further our collective vision for drama therapy. We surge ahead with interim credentialing and licensure to strengthen our field. Our body of knowledge and our commitment to social justice continues to expand; we acknowledge the impact of systems on our field and the communities we serve. We explore the ways in which our field can honor the multiplicity of identities and work with intersectionality without furthering appropriative and oppressive narratives. 

As we undertake these tasks, we face instability, unpredictability, and the unknown. Our theatrical and ritual-based roots along with embodiment, play, myth, role, and storytelling help us stand when facing the rising tide of technology, the quicksands of political turmoil, and the toxic impact of white supremacy. We look within ourselves and to each other to define sustainability, share resources, and grow our capacity to gracefully collaborate in work and play.

As you craft your proposals for this year’s conference, consider the ways in which the current state of the field of Drama Therapy pushes us forward toward the integration of drama therapy as a foundational approach; how existing and new research supports a broader understanding of the efficacy of our work; and how we as professionals and as an organization continue to learn from the lessons of our past to celebrate the transformations we bring to one another, our clients, and the world at large.

We invite you to submit proposals for workshops, performances, and poster presentations that bring forth a spirit of adventure and a willingness to build on the momentum of the waves that have already begun to emerge.