#DTS Against White Supremacy


The Drama Therapists Against White Supremacy campaign was a response to the current political and social climate of extreme racism, police brutality, and anti-immigration rhetoric and policies. NADTA members were asking for more than “dialogue” but rather a way to learn more about what actions were being taken locally and nationally, and how to take action as a professional group. The goal of DTAWS Campaign is to have members feel more engaged and empowered to have these difficult conversations in a supportive way encouraging anti-oppression, anti-racist actions in their practices and communities. Accompanying this campaign are three surveys designed for members to reflect on their own cultural humility and areas of growth, and to support ways to specifically advocate in needed areas in their own communities. 

Phase 1: 2: Cultural Humility and Clinical Work; 3: Interpersonal Commitments; 4: Intrapersonal Commitments


Phase 2: 5: Art; 6: NADTA Actions; 7: Advocacy; 8: Holding Power Accountable; 9: Financial Actions; 10: Legal Action.


Phase 3: 11: Research; 12: For Professors/Educators & Supervisors; 13: For Parents/Caregivers.


Linked above are comprehensive resource guides/directories with table of contents of resources and links accompanying the campaign. This is meant to be a "living" document that members can add to or update as needed. (Resources gathered by Jessica Bleuer, Past NADTA Diversity Chair; designed by Rowena Tam, drama therapy student, Concordia University; other contributions made from various members of the Cultural Humility, Equity and Diversity Committee: Adam Stevens, Stephanie Wichmann, Kamran Afary, Diana Elizabeth Jordan, Craig Flickinger, Liah Rozenman, and Sara Klier.

This campaign was written by Jessica Bleuer and Adam Stevens and it reflects the ideas of 134 NADTA members who shared actions they wanted to see our community take in the closing ceremony of the 2017 NADTA conference. A special thank you to Stephanie Wichmann, Christine Mayor, Britton Williams, Nisha Sajnani, and the CHDEC committee who added important content to the campaign before Phase 1’s release.

The Cultural Humility, Equity and Diversity Committee is working towards organizing NADTA member (Action and Accountability groups) to accompany the 3 phases of the campaign and offer members a place to share and hold one another accountable. If you are interested in joining or helping to organize an Action and Accountability group, please send an email to [email protected].