#NADTA2021 Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times are the conference events?

The days and times of each conference date and event can be found HERE on our conference website. 

Please note that we have curated the schedule to accommodate as many time zones in North America as possible. You will see times on the schedule in Pacific Standard Time (PST) and Eastern Standard Time (EST) - please be mindful of this when reviewing the agenda and planning your attendance.


How do I access the conference?

The conference this year is once again 100% VIRTUAL and all workshops will be happening on Zoom.

Take this opportunity to update your Zoom app on your computer or phone, and if you have Zoom-related questionsCLICK HERE for our helpful Zoom information!

We will be opening registration a few weeks before the first conference day, so keep an eye on your email and the conference website for this announcement.

Similar to last year, you will register for the day(s) you would like to attend. The day before the conference, you will receive emails with the various links to the days you have registered for, which you can use to access the offerings on the day of the event.

You can find the registration fee info HERE.


Click HERE to register for the conference


What accessibility measures will be offered for this year’s virtual conference?

Similar to last year’s conference, we will be offering closed captioning in all workshops, and anticipate offering ASL interpretation in several of our all-conference events.  

Please note that one of the shortfalls of Zoom is that automatic and live closed captioning is not available in breakout rooms (only in the main Zoom), so if this is a need you anticipate, we also recommend exploring the use of a 3rd party app or website ahead of time such as https://webcaptioner.com/ or "Live Caption" on the Apple App Store. (These are not owned or managed by Zoom or the NADTA, so we will not be able to provide troubleshooting support for these platforms.)

NOTE: If you are a business, school, or program that would like to support our efforts to increase accessibility via ASL interpretation or captioning software or services, please contact our Office to discuss our marketing & sponsorship options! 


Will the conference sessions be recorded and if so, will recordings be made available for future viewing?

Over the past year there has been a lot of work on an updated policy for the NADTA around video recording for events such as these, but this work is not yet completed. As a result, at this time we will not have any live recording of any offerings for this year’s conference.

Please be advised that there will be pre-recorded aspects of the conference offerings that presenters will be playing during their performances or poster sessions, but we do not intend to make these available through the NADTA to the membership.

We understand this may be frustrating and may limit access for some, but it is important that we remain responsive to the community’s previous feedback around this issue. If this changes for any reason, we will do everything we can to provide as much time and information on this as we can to our members and conference presenters & attendees.

How do I obtain CEs for the conference events?

The NADTA is able to offer CEs for the RDT (including credits towards CHED hours), NBCC, and the NYS LCAT. Each conference offering on the program will list the amount of CEs that offering is eligible for, and which types. This varies from workshop to workshop.

In order to receive CEs for conference events, you are required to complete two forms:

  1. A session evaluation form

    1. Note that there is ONE general form that you will need to fill out for EACH conference event you attend. You will need to fill in the session title, date of the event, and the times of the event.

  2. A CE request form, containing all of the credits you are requesting for the entire conference events.  

    1. Please indicate on this form the title of the event (#NADTA2021 Conference), as well as the number of each type of CE credit you are requesting.  

    2. Your request will be verified against the session evaluations you have completed, as well as the Zoom attendance for each session - credit for partial attendance is not able to be awarded.

    3. NOTE: This form is due no later than December 21st (30 days after the conference has concluded).  If you do not submit your request by this deadline, you may be subject to additional processing fees, as well as delays in receipt of your certificate.

Both the session evaluation form and the CE request form will be available in your NADTA account. Reminder these are general forms that attendees must indicate what sessions you attended and what credit you wish to receive.  

Please note that, although there is an option for FREE registration for certain conference events, this free tier does NOT provide CEs for these events. You MUST register for a paid tier to receive CEs for any of the conference events you attend.


What if I have other questions?

You can email our NADTA Office Administrator at [email protected] if you have questions that haven’t been answered here or in our previous email blasts. Please be patient, as our office works to respond as quickly as possible to email messages, but may not be able to get back to you right away.