Clients, family members and professionals talk bout the healing impact of drama therapy.

"The work I did in drama therapy gave me the stability and direction I needed to deal with personal issues stemming from child abuse, assaults and rape, and loss of self." -- Cathy H. (abuse survivor)

"Drama showed me how to interact with others. Most of all, it gave me a way to have excitement in my life without the use of drugs." -- Kurt M. (recovering drug addict.)

"Often our residents do not recognize their aggressiveness or hostility until it is explored in drama therapy." -- Duane T. Bowers, Director of Second Genesis Residential Facility

"As someone who is schizophrenic, I've always been told that I shouldn't use my imagination. With drama, I get to use my imagination and it helps me. " -- Sue P. (student)

"I cannot put into words how wonderful this drama experience has been for my daughter. I have seen the child we knew was inside, but which we rarely saw at home, come out." -- Mother of adolescent with Asperger's Syndrome