Drama Therapy Empirical Research

What is Drama Therapy Empirical Research?    

Drama therapy empirical research focuses on the derivation of knowledge about drama therapy and related processes/techniques from direct or indirect observation or experience. Drama therapy empirical research includes arts-based, qualitative, and quantitative methodologies.        

Compilation of Drama Therapy Empirical Research References

Below are references to drama therapy empirical research, organized by theme, and collected by the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) Research Committee.        

The research references in this list have been viewed by a member of the NADTA research committee. The committee confirmed that the research referenced is empirical and focuses on drama therapy or drama therapy processes/techniques.     

This list can be a starting point for learning about drama therapy and drama therapy research. Researchers may choose to use this list to identify areas of research that call for further exploration, to get ideas for their own research projects, and to connect their own work to previous research. 

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Limitations of the Compilation of Drama Therapy Empirical Research References    

This compilation of references is not exhaustive, and the committee has been limited by the availability of and access to original sources.        

How to Get Involved

The research committee’s hope is that this list will be a growing document to which NADTA members can contribute.        
The NADTA research committee welcomes your suggestions.  If you have feedback or additional references to be included, you are invited to contact the NADTA Research Chair: research@nadta.org