Wednesday, August 5th at 8pm(EST)/5pm(PST) the NADTA Cultural Humility, Equity and Diversity Committee Presents...

Pride: Queer 365

Picture it... Pride: Queer 365. The real work of Pride is not just a celebration, but also a communal remembering of our past and a continued fight for liberation for all queer people. As a collective of queers, we are not interested in formal equality that privileges some and excludes others, but rather a community that uplifts and centers the needs of our most marginalized. We also recognize the complexity of feelings that accompany celebrations at the time of a global pandemic and continued fight for racial justice. How do we situate ourselves as a larger community at the intersections of campiness and social justice advocacy that are commonly associated with Pride? We invite members of the NADTA to join us in intentional community as we explore what Pride looks like for us now and envision a future that embodies Pride on a daily basis. After all, Pride: Queer 365 is a movement, not moment. 


Meeting ID: 860 3114 6595

Passcode: 533121

Facilitator Bios/Photos:

Opher Shamir, MA, LCAT-LP (He/Him/His)
Opher Shamir provides individual and family therapy through telehealth, specializing in mind-body connection, grief, and trauma. He is the reviews editor for the Drama Therapy Review. 

Dana Sayre, MA, RDT (they/them)
Dana is a member of the CHED Committee of the NADTA. They are currently involved with Chronically Queer - Austin, a community organization for the intersection of gender/sexuality and disability issues. They will be co-facilitating a panel about Queer Drama Therapy at the annual NADTA conference in November.

Abbie Truax, MA (she/they)
Abbie is a drama therapist currently residing and practicing in NYC, and is a current member of the CHED Committee of the NADTA. Abbie currently works with families and has most recently begun working with the homeless LGBTQ+ community of NYC. 

Dana George Trottier, MA, LCAT, RDT/BCT (he/they)
Dana George Trottier is a clinical supervisor at NYC Health + Hospitals/ Kings County, a Simulation Fellow at IMSAL, and serves as adjunct faculty in the drama therapy program at New York University. They have published on the topics of complicated grief, embodied supervision, facilitating empathy, and is a co-editor of the book Creative Arts Therapies and the LGBTQ Community: Theory & Practice.

Roxy Schoenfeld, MA, LCAT, RDT (she/they)
Roxy Schoenfeld is a drama therapist in Brooklyn, NY. They recently transitioned out of their position as Senior Recovery Counselor at Goodwill Seamark PROS to fit together work in private practice, clinical supervision, and other pieces yet to be determined. Roxy would have completed post-graduate training at New York Institute for Developmental Transformations (DvT) in June, if not for the pandemic. Instabilities abound! Along with Truc Nguyen, she will be co-facilitating a workshop at the 2020 NADTA Conference entitled Queer Disruptions of White Supremacy: Playing in Dangerous Times.


Truc T. Nguyen, MA, LMFT, RDT (he/she/they)
Truc is a gender-queer, 1.5 gen Vietnamese American, who has been involved with the DvT community for almost 10 years. He has worked in multiple clinical settings including hospitals, community based mental health with children and families, the foster care system, and is currently a wellness counselor at a high school in the Bay Area. She is passionate about integrating an anti-oppression/ social justice lens as a drama therapist/ DvT practitioner and supervisor, and sees psychotherapy as a tool for revolution. They will be co-facilitating a workshop with Roxy Schoenfeld at the 2020 NADTA Conference entitled Queer Disruptions of White Supremacy: Playing in Dangerous Times.


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