A PR Packet for NADTA has been created!

Please find the official North American Drama Therapy Association Public Relations Packet below for your use. It is an up to date resource that can be used towards licensure, public education, in-service meetings, advocacy, as well as any other creative uses. Pages can be individually printed, or collated together as a whole. 

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Thank you to the following authors who assisted with this packet:

Autism: Maria Hodermarska

Addiction: Monica Blanchette

Eating Disorders: Laura Wood, Fatmah Al-Qadfan, Dani Bryant

LGBTQQIAP2SK: Craig Flickinger & Mark Beauregard

Older Adults: The Older Adults Committee - Mary Farkas, Jennie Smith Peers, Kareen King, Kate Del Pizzo, Kari Rogenski, Kate Kavitski, Barbara Kaynan, Andrew Gains 

Oncology: Jennifer Finestone

Sexual Offenders: Lisa Merrill

Trauma/PTSD: Mira Rozenberg

Schools: Jason Frydman & Cat Davis

Children & Adolescents: Stephanie Omens, Susan Ward, Maggie Powell

Social Justice & Community Activism: Nisha Sajnani & Christine Mayor

SPMI: Britton Williams & Dana Trottier

First Responders: Elizabeth Swearingen & Jessie Cozza

Developmental Disabilities: Adam Stevens

Thank you to the PR Packet Committee:

Craig Flickinger
Maggie Powell
Laura Wood
Calli Armstrong
Monica Blanchette 

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