NADTA Public Relations Packet

We were excited to unveil our new NADTA Public Relations Packet at the 2018 Annual Conference. These 2 page resources will provide summaries of the use of drama therapy with a variety of populations, as well as references supporting the work.

We need YOUR images to round out the packet, to help us represent the diversity of the work we do!

Please send any images that you feel represent drama therapy, particularly with the following populations, to

  • Drama Therapy and Autism
  • Drama Therapy and Older Adults
  • Drama Therapy and LGBTQQIP2SAAK
  • Drama Therapy and Addiction
  • Drama Therapy and Eating Disorders
  • Drama Therapy and Trauma
  • Drama Therapy and Sexual Offenders
  • Drama Therapy in Schools
  • Drama Therapy and Oncology
  • Drama Therapy and Children/Children and Stressors
  • Drama therapy and Social Justice/Community Activism
  • Drama Therapy and Intellectual Disabilities
  • Drama Therapy and SPMI 

Include a signed Photo Release Form found here for everyone in the image!

Additionally, this packet is a living document. If you are interested in writing about drama therapy with a population you feel is not represented, please email

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