There are several very important bills currently being considered by the
New York State Senate and Assembly.

Bill A648A/S3421 would make and services provided by licensed mental health practitioners (including LCATs) eligible for coverage under the Medicaid program.

Bill A670/S6212 would require blanket health insurance policies to provide coverage for outpatient treatment by mental health practitioners including LCAT, LMFT, LMHC and LPs.

Bill A4188/S3466 would include the term "diagnosis" within the definition of the practice of mental health practitioners, including creative arts therapists.

These bills would dramatically change our profession by increasing access to creative arts therapy services.  

Please voice your support by using the links below to vote (aye/ yes) to support and to voice your support to the sponsors of the bills.

Assembly Bill 648A:
Representative’s contact:

Senate Bill 3421:
Representative’s contact:

Assembly Bill 670:
Representative’s contact:

Senate Bill 6212:
Representative’s contact:

Assembly Bill 4188:
Representative’s contact:

Senate Bill 3766:
Representative’s contact:

The passage of AB 670 Bronson / SB 6212 Kennedy in particular, still faces a threat from social work lobbyists who oppose this legislation. See this link for their claims.

We need you and everyone who values the work that we do as creative arts therapists in New York State to register your support for these two bills immediately. Please ACT today!

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