NADTA Recording Policy 

Dear NADTA Community,

We have received some feedback from community members about our first virtual conference, including some concerns raised about the policies and procedures around photo and video recording at NADTA events. The board has taken this feedback into consideration, and while not all of the specific asks are able to be incorporated, we would like to provide an update on the work we have done recently to address these concerns. With regard to recording policy updates, we have been working on creating the right balance of ease of use, accessibility, and access, while maintaining our mission, vision, and values as an organization. 

Prior to the annual budget meeting in December, a special board meeting was called in November and more recently we gathered for a second, follow up special meeting.  We are releasing a draft of the updates to our recording policy for a public comment period prior to final board approval. We will open up the drafted policy updates for a period of public comment for 30 days and then finalize the policy. Public comment periods are standard practice for policy updates, and we believe this to be the most transparent and effective way to solicit feedback. Please use the Memberclicks form linked here to view the policy and share any comments with us. It will be open until February 11, 2021. Comments can be submitted anonymously, but please also feel welcome to share your name and email address if you feel comfortable, so we can reach out if needed! 

A request has been made to delete all of the recordings from this year’s conference as a result of these questions and concerns. The board is currently deliberating next steps regarding the recordings from #NADTA2020, and the decision will be shared with the community as soon as it is ratified or voted upon.

We will continue to work toward open communication between all members of the NADTA, including the elected board of directors, another ask, by holding our public forum of the Spring Board Meeting. We welcome your engagement in this forum, and plan to continue to have public forums in our board meetings as part of our initiative to increase transparency and involvement with the board. We will send out notices when we meet in the spring.

Further, the officers of the association that constitute the executive Committee established by the NADTA bylaws operate in good faith for and with good will of the association and a majority of the board of directors in mind. At the same time, in continuing the initiative of transparency and to increase intra-board involvement, all board members have been invited since the beginning of this administration, and are welcome to attend the standing weekly office call. Many board members have and even regularly attend. 

We welcome feedback on our organization policies through our various surveys throughout the year. We encourage everyone to keep abreast of the goings on with the Board and association through our regular communications such as Behind the Scenes, our special announcement emails, or by following us on social media. And ultimately, our board and committees are made up of members like you. We encourage service to the organization and engagement in our board elections every two years.

We hope that by reading our announcements and communications we send out our community will feel heard and knowledgeable of the association.                                 


The NADTA Board of Directors

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