March 10-16 is Creative Arts Therapies Week!

To celebrate, the NADTA is launching the #CATSWeek2019 Photo Campaign across our social media!

Please send a photo or image that represents your work, with a short caption to

Please be sure you have consent to share from any individuals pictured. Feel free to use the NADTA Photo Release Form.

Visit the National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies (NCCATA) website for more ideas of how to celebrate! Their announcement is below.

And be sure to follow us all week on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @nadta.dramatherapy.

We can't wait to share the amazing work that you all do every day!

National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies

During a week in March each year, creative arts therapists sponsor special workshops, exhibitions, career days and other events to share their work with the public and other professionals. Here are ways you can participate:​

  • Follow NCCATA on Facebook
  • Share information about the creative arts therapies with your own network: research, news stories, case examples (with client permission) or your own experience working as a creative arts therapist with the hashtag #CATSWeek2019
  • Write to your legislators or schedule a meeting to discuss your profession, and make them aware of the creative arts therapies
  • Contact NCCATA’s Communications Coordinator and describe how you plan to celebrate. Email a link to your website, blog posts, and social media posts with photos, and NCCATA will share on its Facebook page and on this webpage.

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