Artists in Health Statement of Collaboration

The North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) is proud to support the growing field of Arts in Health through collaboration between drama therapists and artists-in-health (AIH)/teaching artists (TA). NADTA Registered Drama Therapists (RDT) are uniquely skilled to support arts in health initiatives through the transformative properties of theater and drama in our communities, while maintaining our professional standards of practice, ethics, and cultural competencies. The NADTA believes the role of drama therapists in the arts in health community contribute to the sustainability of health programs through empirical research, professional development, supervision, consultation, and adherence to professional standards. Additionally, our organization is a leader in responding to the evolving needs of a global society through actively engaging in conversations that acknowledge cultural humility, equity, and diversity within our profession and in the communities we serve. Working as clinicians, artists, and researchers, drama therapists are uniquely suited to support artists-in-health and teaching artists by enhancing theater-based work, ensuring the safety of those we serve, and bringing the healing power of theater to more people.

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