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Drama Therapy Review 
Twitter: @DTR_NADTA  
Instagram: @dramatherapyreview

The Dramascope is an online discussion forum developed to facilitate an open, engaged, and critical dialogue pertaining to themes directly or indirectly linked to drama therapy. It is intended to spark conversation and inquiry regarding emerging topics in the field, inclusive of scope of practice and theoretical orientation.

Readers are encouraged to share their responses directly on the blogsite and engage in ongoing discussion about a post.

Dramascope is subject to NADTA oversight and jurisdiction. Policies regarding content will be determined by the NADTA and its governing bodies.

Contributors to the blog are via solicitation or by submitting a proposal directly to the Editor-in-Chief:

   Dramascope Committee:

   Editor-in-Chief: Maggie Powell
   Technical Editor: Danielle Levanas
   Managing Editor: Caitie Parsons

***Please note that Dramascope is not currently accepting submissions.***

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