Committees in the North American Drama Therapy Association

All members of the Association are invited to become involved in shaping the future of the organization and the drama therapy profession by participating in committees. The following is a complete list of all committees and functions. You are invited to share your talents, voice and skills by completing the volunteer form or contacting the committee chairs listed in the blue links below.


The archivist collects, saves, and provides access to historical materials. The NADTA Archive, located at Kansas State University, holds information about the development of drama therapy in the U.S. and Canada through the National Association for Drama Therapy. NADTA members who have written articles, had news reports written or videotaped about them, or any other important historical document about drama therapy or their work as drama therapists are encouraged to send them to the NADTA Archives so that they can be added to the collection! Material can be emailed to: or sent to the NADTA Office at
NADTA Attn: Archives, 230 Washington Avenue Extension Suite 101, Albany, NY 12203.
Secretary and President-Elect.
Members: Sally Bailey, Whitney Sullivan, Linda Gregoric Cook, Communications Chair, and Ethics Chair.

Board Certified Trainer Review Committee

Responsible for reviewing applications for Board Certified Trainer (BCT), determining eligibility for the BCT credential and notifying applicants of its decisions. Members must be Board Certified Trainers and are appointed by the NADTA President and approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Chair: Nancy Sondag.
Kristin Long, Lanell Finneran.
Board liaison and Ex-Officio Member: Ethics Chair,

Budget and Finance Committee

Oversees the financial activities of the organization, including periodic review of financial statements, annual budget and independent financial reviews as appropriate or required. An independent accountant/bookkeeper who is not a member of NADTA may also be a member of this committee.

No Current Committee Members

If you are interested in learning more about the budget and finance committee duties please contact the treasurer at

By-Law Committee

This committee is convened on an as-needed basis to make recommendations to the NADTA board and the membership at large for changes to the bylaws.

Chair: President-Elect
Members: Sherry Diamond and Maria Hodermarska

Communications Committee

Responsible for editing and publishing the quarterly newsletters: Behind the Scenes. The committee also creates publications and utilizes media sources to increase public awareness and understanding of drama therapy and the NADTA.


   Chair: Craig Flickinger
   Members: Monica Blanchette, Laura Wood, Maggie Powell, Calli       Armstrong

Conference Committee

A new conference committee is formed each year to organize and oversee the details of the annual drama therapy conference. The Conference Committee is made up of various and ad hoc sub-committees to aid in the conference planning.

2018 Conference Co-Chairs:
2018 Program Chair:

Sub-committees include:


Cultural Humility, Equity, and Diversity Committee (CHEDC)

CHEDC is charged with the promotion of cultural competency in drama therapy training and practice within the membership of the NADTA. CHEDC promotes dialogue around diversity and social justice in all aspects of the organization as well as cultural sensitivity, cultural competence and cultural humility in the practice and profession of drama therapy.
Members: Adam Stevens, Stephanie Wichmann, Jessica Bleuer, Kamran Afary, Diana Elizabeth Jordan, Carmen White, , Liah Rozenman, Criag Flickinger


Spanish Speaking Drama Therapists

Members: Idalid Diaz, Susana Pendzik, Carlos Rodriguez Perez, Antonio Ramirez, Hanna Burke Aguero, Domingo Farrand, Daniella Bustamante

Education Committee
Christine Mayor, Mira Rozenberg, Jess Miller, Katherine Dillingham Mazer


Accreditation Committee 
Convened on an as-needed basis to evaluate University Drama Therapy programs and make recommendations to the NADTA Board regarding accreditation of college and university programs offering Master's Degrees in drama therapy. Click here for the list of accredited schools.

AT Route
Members: Sally Bailey, Mira Rozenberg, Jennifer Maki, Jess Miller, Christine Mayor, Katherine Dillingham Mazer

Continuing Education Committee
Reviews and audits continuing education documentation submitted by RDTs.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee shall consist of no fewer than three members who shall be responsible for encouraging the maintenance of professional standards according to NADTA Standards of Ethical Practice, and for developing and implementing a procedure for peer review.
Members: Darci Burch, MA, LCAT, RDT; Kimberly Cohn, MFT, RDT/BCT; Maria Hodermarska, MA, LCAT, RDT/BCT; Patrick Hughes, MA, LPC, LMHC, RDT/BCT; David Read Johnson, PhD, RDT/BCT; Adam Reynolds, PhD, LCSW, RDT/BCT (Chair); Britton Williams, MA, LCAT, RDT

Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

The GAC is committed to advocating and promoting the professional status of drama therapists at the state, provincial, territorial, and national levels through education, advocacy, research and service.
GAC Committee: Mallory Minerson (Chair), Jarred Sharar (DC), Melissa Killian (CA), Michelle Yadon (IN)

Canadian Licensure Subcommittee
 Idalid Diaz, and Csilla Przibislawsky

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Committee

Members of the HBCU Committee consist of Black-identifying drama therapists who bring awareness about drama therapy to Historically Black Colleges and Universities via on-site educational workshops, therapeutic performances, and research. Through the North American Drama Therapy Association, the HBCU Committee also fosters and actualizes advocacy in these new or already existing drama therapy educational and clinical spaces for students and professionals who are Black-identifying.

Vision: To be NADTA out-reach facilitators who educate, recruit and provide support for the advancement of Black-identifying drama therapists.

Contact for more information.

Membership Committee

Responsible for developing membership procedures, building membership and increasing member retention.

Chair: Membership Chair,
Members include Regional Representatives:
Canadian Representative,
Central Region Representative,
Eastern Revion Representative,
Western Region Representative,



Michelle Yadon, Ross Stone & Tracena Marie

Mentorship Committee

This program looks to connect Registered Drama Therapists with students/new comers/emerging clinicians to share information and knowledge regarding the profession of drama therapy.

Co-Chairs: NADTA President & Adam Stevens

Nominating Committee

This committee is convened in each election year (every two years) for the purpose of providing to the membership a slate of names for elective offices. The committee solicits nominations from the general membership and discusses the duties of the elective offices with the nominees. Committee membership consists of no less than three Registered Drama Therapists, at least one of whom should be a current member of the Board of Directors. The committee shall be elected by majority vote of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

Registry Committee

Responsible for reviewing applications for professional registry as a drama therapist, determining eligibility for the RDT credential and notifying applicants of its decisions. Members must be Registered Drama Therapists and are appointed by the NADTA President and approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Chair: Shari Lee Harding
Members: Leah Lewis, Whitney Sullivan, Lousia Foster, Christina Cherry and Ethics Chair:

Former Chair: Liz Muckley

Research Committee

Promotes current research in the field of drama therapy and encourage a culture of inquiry amongst the membership.

Chair: Jason S. Frydman (

Members: Calli Armstrong, Barbara Bornmann, Angelle Cook Laura Hix, & Chyela Rowe 

Student Members: Chelsi Kern, Amanda Rothman, Savannah White

Advisory Members: Nisha Sajnani, David Read Johnson, and Christine Mayor

Student Committee

This committee acts as liaison between the student body and the Association. This includes writing a student column for the newsletter, Dramascope, and sharing student requests and updates with the Board of Directors. NADTA student members are encouraged to connect with their representatives. The Committee Chairperson is a student member appointed by the President of the NADTA. Student Committee members are recruited by the Chairperson and the Regional Representatives. Membership includes at least two student representatives from each NADTA approved MA program, comprised of a first year and second year student, and at least one alternative training student from each geographical region, if available.

Chair: Student Committee Chair,
Members: Ashley Blair (current chair)
Ex-officio members: Membership Chair, President, and President-Elect 

Trainer Review Committee / BCT Committee

Chair: Bobbi Kidder

Members: Jami Osborne and Lanell Finneran

Former Chair: Nancy Sondag