Membership in the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) is open to all individuals who are interested in the field of drama therapy or the use of drama therapy techniques.

Membership FAQS

What are The Benefits of Becoming an NADTA Member?

How Much Does it Cost?

When Does My Membership End?

What are the Benefits of  Becoming an NADTA Member?

1. Gain a Professional Edge

  • Dramascope, the online blog and discussion forum that features articles, book reviews, and news about new ideas, events, and people in the field of drama therapy.
  • Annual and Regional Conferences that are relevant to your professional life.
  • Alternative Training for those who want to continue their education.
  • Information on NADTA-approved accredited graduate programs and NADTA-recognized courses in drama therapy.
  • Subscription to Behind the Scenes email blast to membership.
  • Complimentary printed copy and online access to the academic journal, Drama Therapy Review.

2. Networking Opportunities

  • Membership in local and regional NADTA Chapters.
  • Support from Regional Representatives in building coalitions and addressing needs in your local region.
  • Conferences where you'll have the chance to interact with nationally and internationally known drama therapists as well as others who share your professional interests.
  • Online Membership Directory of NADTA members listed in alphabetical order, by state and by the populations with which each member works.
  • Serve on committees and develop opportunities to exchange ideas with your colleagues.
  • You can subscribe to the Dramatherapy listserve so you can connect with the dialogue of drama therapists around the globe.

3. Make Your Voice Heard

  • National and local advocacy in conjunction with other creative arts advocacy groups.
  • Serve on committees to help develop the profession of drama therapy.
  • Advancement of drama therapy through promotion of the profession among mental health professionals, educators and the general public.
  • Coalitions involved in issues of certification and licensure.
  • Voting privileges.

4. Be Recognized in Your Field

  • Enjoy the benefits of belonging to a professional association that is working for you.
  • Members are eligible to submit articles for Dramascope and are eligible to be nominated for awards in the field of drama therapy.
  • Nationally recognized guidelines and standards for university and alternative training programs in drama therapy.
  • Nationally recognized Standards of Registration for drama therapists who fulfill eligibility requirements.
  • Commitment to a national Code of Ethical Principles.

5. Referral Service

  • Referrals are provided to the general public when they are searching for a drama therapist.
  • List your private practice on the NADTA website
  • Referrals to other professionals and media outlets.

6. Save Money

  • Discounts on conferences, publications and multi-media materials.

When Does My Membership End?

The membership period is from May 1st to April 30th. Membership renewal and Registry fees are due by May 1st each year.

Membership Rates

 Membership Categories


Graduates of theatre/drama programs or drama therapists who are using drama for educational and therapeutic purposes.

Annual Dues: $60 USD

Allied Professional

Individuals in other disciplines who are interested in the therapeutic uses of drama/theatre.   

Annual Dues: $60 USD

Member 65+

Members 65 or older. Proof of status is required (copy of driver's license or equivalent).
Please note that members age 65 or older who hold the RDT credential will need to renew as a professional RDT if they would like to continue using the RDT credential.

Annual Dues: $50 USD

Student/Alternative Training Student

Proof of current student status is required. (School ID)

New Alternative Training students pay a one-time $40 application fee in addition to the regular $40 membership dues.

Annual Dues: $40 USD


Schools, theatres, and other organizations that use drama for educational and therapeutic purposes. This category entitles two members of the organization to attend NADTA conferences at the
member rate.

Annual Dues: $105 USD

Registry Categories

(Annual membership dues are included in the registry renewal fee)

Professional RDT

Registered drama therapists who have successfully completed the RDT application process and may use the initials RDT; have a masters degree in drama therapy, theatre, or behavioral science; drama/theatre training; supervised clinical training; and extensive work experience in the field of drama therapy.

Annual Dues: $100 USD

Professional RDT/BCT

Individuals who have been RDT's for at least five years and have successfully completed the application process to be Board Certified as a Teacher/Trainer/Mentor (BCT).

Annual Dues: $120 USD

NADTA is a non-profit organization. To help us defray the added expense of postage incurred for mailings to members who live outside the United States, additional postal rates apply. See Membership Form for details.