The Power of Dramatic Play and Creativity:
Sunshine Under the Umbrella

Thursday, October 27, 2016
*Registration Opens at 7:30 am*

Early Morning Offering
8:00am - 9:00am

TM 1: Sunshine Yoga
Jenelle Mazaris, MA, LLMFT, RDT

Begin your conference journey balanced, strong and energized with yoga.  Wake up your chakra center of creativity and playfully connect to your body with gentle movement.  Let us nurture ourselves and our community together as we share a time and space to turn inward and experience the healing benefits that a physically challenging and mindful yoga practice can offer.

All Day Workshops
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

PC 1: Principles of Drama Therapy
Jason D. Butler, PhD, LCAT, RDT/BCT, President
Laura Wood, PhD, LMHC, CCLS, RDT/BCT

Drama therapy is comprised of drama and theatre approaches that support individual and social change in clinical, educational and community settings.  This experiential workshop will introduce principles that guide the practice of drama therapy.  Attendees will gain experience with three approaches and learn how they might be used for healing and social change. (6.0 CE hours)

PC 2: Sociodrama: Honoring the Creativity and Wisdom of the Group
Nancy Sondag, MA, LCAT, CDP, RDT/BCT

This experiential workshop introduces classic sociodrama, a powerful, effective group action method that allows its members to creatively enact and examine issues that are common to the group. Participants will learn to facilitate a sociodrama while safely fostering creativity and playfulness and honoring the wisdom of the group. (6.0 CE hours)

PC 3: Rasa Theory and Practice in Drama Therapy
Maitri Gopalakrishna, MA
Nisha Sajnani, PhD, RDT

Aristotle’s Poetics and Bharatamuni’s Natyasastra, a Sanskrit manual of aesthetic theory occupy parallel positions in European and Indian performance theory.  This workshop will introduce participants to the concept of ‘rasa’, a central concept in the Natyasastra, and its relevance as a theoretical and practical approach to drama therapy. (6.0 CE hours)

PC 4: Dying as a Rite of Passage: Using Drama Therapy at the End of Life
Trisha Jauchler, MS, MA, RDT/BCT, Trained Death Midwife

To everything there is a season. This workshop explores the concept of death as our last creative act.  We will explore how we can use Drama Therapy at the end of life, and put forth a model for a Theatre for the Dying to assist in a peaceful transition process for all. (6.0 CE hours)

Early Morning Short Workshop
9:00 am - 10:30 am

PC 5: The Impact of Drama Therapy on Empathy and Social Skills: Pilot Study
Paige Dickinson, PhD, RDT/BCT
Sally Bailey, MFA, MSW, RDT/BCT
Joana Abillama, MA
Ellen Burke, MA

This workshop will present a pilot study examining the impact of Drama Therapy on empathy, social skills and proprioception with children who are on the autism spectrum, have intellectual and developmental disabilities or ADD/ADHD.  The panel will discuss the development and implementation of the study as well as the results. (1.5 CE hours)

Late Morning Short Workshop
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

PC 6: Using Time Slips Story Telling Method with Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury
Jason Conover, LCAT, CASAC, RDT/BCT

In this experiential workshop, participants will be introduced to the Time Slips Story Telling method of creative engagement, get a brief over view of traumatic brain injury, get an opportunity to experience the method in a group setting, and learn how the method is combined with Landy's role method. (1.5 CE hours)

Afternoon Long Workshop
1:30pm - 4:30pm

PC 7: Playing with Research, Clinical Process and Performance
Cameron Wade, MA
Maria Hodermarska, MA, LCAT, CASAC, RDT/BCT
Barbara Kaynan, MA, LCAT-P ​

Participants will experience two art-based research projects which integrated drama therapy, therapeutic theatre, and experiential family therapy as treatment interventions with families. (3.0 CE hours)

Late Afternoon Short Workshops
5:00pm - 6:30pm

PC 8: Dramatic Play, Creativity, Spontaneity, and Therapy through Problem Solving Theatre
Norman Fedder, PhD, RDT/BCT
Meg Givnish, PhD, TEP

A demonstration of Problem Solving Theatre -- a form of dramatic play, creativity, spontaneity, and therapy in performance -- utilizing the techniques of psychodrama; directed by one of its leading practitioners; and enacted by a troupe of trained actor/therapists, who improvise scenes of problems submitted by members of the audience. (1.5 CE hours)

PC 9: Ritual, Somatic Experience and Drama Therapy: Where They Meet
Vincent Dopulos, MALPC, LMHC, RDT

Ritual has the capacity to deepen our understanding of who we are and what we value.  Drama therapy provides a structure for this exploration. Somatic Experiencing provides access to our bodily response. We will explore the intersection of these three modalities. (1.5 CE hours)

PC 10: The “Five-Element-Cycle” – A Journey Through Emotions
Simone Klees, MA, PhD Candidate, DT (German certificate)

This workshop presents learnings from a German Drama Therapy Program. Based on a combination of Stanislavsky’s Psychological Theatre, Embodiment, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the “Five-Element-Cycle” offers a way to embody emotions, transfer them into movement and sound. Participants will experience the effects of aesthetic distance in working with emotions. (1.5 CE hours)


Student Forum
5:00pm - 6:00pm

SF 1: Student Forum
Adam Stevens, student
Jason Butler, PhD, LCAT, RDT/BCT, President

The student forum is fantastic opportunity for students in various programs and also from the alternative track to connect in person and begin developing professional networks.   Experimental dramatic play and group activity round out this social experience.


Newcomer Dinner
6:00pm - 8:00pm

ND 1: Newcomer Dinner
This event is for people who are attending their first NADTA conference or are new to the drama therapy community and is an opportunity to get to know other new conference attendees. Participants will be asked to pay for their own meals, and NADTA members will be available to answer questions and welcome you to the community.

Evening Performance
8:00pm - 9:30pm

P 1: Decades: A Generational Perspective
Bobbi Kidder, MA, RDT/BCT
Antioch students and alumni

Decades is a devised performance which combines performance and video, music and spoken word, and looks at diversity through the lens of generational perspectives. It will be performed by Antioch University Drama Therapy students and guests of the project. (1.5 CE hours)

All Conference Event - Reception Hosted by the Drama Therapy Program at Antioch University Seattle
9:30pm - 11:30pm

R 1: Antioch Reception
Bobbi Kidder, MA, RDT/BCT
Fred Landers, PhD, LCAT, LMHC, RDT/BCT

Bobbi Kidder and Fred Landers, co-coordinators of the Antioch University Seattle Drama Therapy Program welcome you to Seattle and invite you to meet old friends and make new ones over refreshments. The reception will follow the performance of Decades.