The Power of Dramatic Play and Creativity:
Sunshine Under the Umbrella

Friday, October 28, 2016
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OC: All Conference Event - Opening Ceremony
8:00am - 9:00am

All Conference Event - Guest Speaker Address
9:00am - 10:30am

GS: The Power of Speaking Theatre
David Diamond, BFA, D. Litt.

Art is an expression of the psyche of a living community. The commodification of art has led to unhealthy communities. Theatre for Living attempts to find a new lens through which to create an artistic, action-based dialogue that respects the complexity of the larger living organism. (1.5 CE hours)

Bio: David is the originator of Theatre for Living, a merging of Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed, and his own life-long interest in systems theory. Theatre for Living recognizes communities are complexly integrated living organisms and invites them to engage in constructive social change, moving from various forms of violence to respectful engagement. David has directed over 550 community specific theatre projects and trainings throughout the world with subjects ranging from violence in all its forms to addiction, intergenerational conflict, mental health, language reclamation, homelessness, climate change, and globalization.

All Conference Event - Annual Membership Meeting, Luncheon, & Regional Meetings
10:45am - 1:30pm

Please join us for a luncheon and the annual NADTA membership meeting. We will celebrate the work of volunteers over the past year, honor award recipients and engage in a discussion about how we as a community of members and volunteers would like to see the organization develop. The membership meeting will be followed by break-out regional meetings hosted by the Regional Representatives.

Afternoon Long Workshops
2:00pm - 5:00pm

A 1: Fathoming Forgotten Simplicities: Play, Imagination and Intersubjectivity in Dramatherapy
Salvo Pitruzella

Imagination is the power that connects us with others: we can love our fellows only if we are able to imagine them.  In this workshop, we will explore the concept of States of Grace, and the three phases of the dramatic process, focusing on the interpersonal space. (3.0 CE hours)

A 2: Using the 6-Key Model as a Guide to Clients’ Creativity and Playfulness​
Susana Pendzik, PhD, RDT
Galila Oren, MA

This workshop presents the 6-Key Model. The didactic part is accompanied by a film showing how the Model informs the drama therapist during and after a session. In the workshop part, cases from participant’s own practice are explored using the 6-Key Model to help inspire the client’s creativity and playfulness. (3.0 CE hours)

A 3: Playing a Play into Existence in a Barrier-Free Setting
Sally Bailey, MFA, MSW, RDT/BCT
Ellen Burke, MA
Michael Rogers, BFA
Hannah Rockey, BA
Sarah Edwards, BFA

Follow the process of the Barrier-Free Theatre in their creation of an original play through improvisation. K-State graduate students will share their reflections of the process and what they learned about play, creativity, and the dramatic moment. A video of the production will demonstrate how the process became a product. (3.0 CE hours)

A 4: Drama Therapy in the Service of Skill Building
Carlos Rodriguez Perez, MA, LCAT, RDT/BCT
Barbara Bornmann, MA, LCAT, RDT/BCT

Creative Arts Therapies processes are not enough in our current healthcare acute psychiatric settings.  Drama Therapy activities must be in the service of helping patients achieve their treatment goals, and that requires development of skills.  Didactic overview, experiential will include opportunities to practice role play to help patients develop critical skills. (3.0 CE hours)

A 5:  Play as an Agent of Systemic Change
Kari Rogenski, MA, MFTi, RDT
Rob Sarison, LMFT, RDT
Jeff Raz, Medical Clown Project

This workshop explores play and creativity as agents of change in inherently un-playful systems including institutional settings, hospitals, and assisted living communities. Come and experience how drama therapy, medical clowning, playfulness, and improvisation can transform institutional settings into inspiring, lighthearted, joyful environments. (3.0 CE hours)

A 6: Keeping Time: Linearity, Musicality, and Theatricality in the Integrative Five Phase Model
Doug Ronning, MA, LMFT, RDT/BCT
Beginning with Dramatic Play, we will explore the nonlinear use of Renee Emunah's I5PM as an approach for working with groups, individuals, and couples. By amplifying the distinct aesthetic value, depth, and flow within each phase, we will consider how clients may progress from protracted work in fewer phases. (3.0 CE hours)

A 7: Drama Therapy Creativity, Imagination, Spirituality and Healing
F. Antonio Ramirez Hernandez, PsyD

Most of us accept limitations from Cartesian paradigm that limits the full extent of our imagination, creativity and healing. This workshop will analyze the limitations of the Cartesian paradigm and will demonstrate how to challenge it by using Drama Therapy to access creativity and imagination, spirituality and healing. (3.0 CE hours)

A 8: Irresistible Force, Immovable Object: Playing With and In Institutions
Adam Reynolds, MSW, MFA, PhD (abd), LCSW, CASAC, RDT/BCT

The institutions we work with and for are often more resistant than our most difficult clients. Burnout, injury, exhaustion, and isolation are the result of this ancient friction. Can playing as and with these agencies create compassion and change? Can we – and our jobs – survive the impact? (3.0 CE hours)

Early Afternoon Short Workshops
2:00pm - 3:30pm

A 9: Playing with Friends
Fred Landers, PhD, LCAT, LMHC, RDT/BCT

Playing with techniques from some of drama therapy’s closest friends - dance and theatre – we will examine how playing with friends can improve our clinical work. The workshop leader is a Seattle-based drama therapist. (1.5 CE hours)

A 10: Ms. B’s 4th Grade Classroom: A Performance of ALIVE
Renee Pitre, MA, RDT
David Johnson, PhD, RDT/BCT
Lizzie McAdam, MA, MS
Jesse Toth, MA, LPC, RDT
Kat Lee, MA, CCLS
Antonietta delli Carpini, MA, RDT
Erinn Webb, MA, RDT
Jamie Ansely, MA

Ms. B is a first year teacher: bright-eyed and optimistic.
Enter Trauma.
Ms. B stands frozen in her classroom of 30+ students who are yelling. Punches are thrown – desks even. Time stands still.
Enter ALIVE.
Join us in the creation of dramatic play within Ms. B’s classroom, her students, and Ms. B herself. (1.5 CE hours)

A 11: Drama Therapy Mentorship Under the Big Umbrella!
Laura Wood, PhD, LMHC, CCLS, RDT/BCT
Adam Stevens, student

This session is for students or new professionals who are looking to get matched with a mentor! Come play under the big umbrella and find a mentor or someone to mentor! (1.5 CE hours)

Late Afternoon Short Workshops
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Workshop Canceled
A 12: The Application of Indian Street Theatre in the Praxis of Therapeutic Theatre​
Anupriya Banerjee, MA

Indian street theatre, a derivative of popular folk theatre, is a community-based theatrical medium intended to engage an audience in a cultural dialogue. This session offers an edification of the aesthetic frame and structure of Indian Street Theatre and how it may be employed in the praxis of therapeutic theatre. (1.5 CE hours)

A 13: Using Embodiment-Projection-Role Play to Build Affective Social Competence
Margaret Powell, MA, CAT

Affective Social Competence (ASC) articulates the development of emotional expression, understanding, and regulation skills. Play experiences from the Embodiment-Projection-Role (EPR) paradigm support the development of ASC. Explore the theoretical and research basis for using EPR play in building ASC in various clinical populations, and engage in EPR play experiences yourself! (1.5 CE hours)

All Conference Event - Body of Knowledge
7:00pm - 8:30pm

BoK: The Creative Explosion of Experimental Theatre and Its Impact on Drama Therapy
Stephen Snow, PhD, RDT/BCT
David Johnson, PhD, RDT/BCT
Armand Volkas, MFA, MA, MFT, RDT/BCT
Saphira Linden, MA, LCAT, TEP, RDT/BCT
Susana Pendzik, PhD, RDT

In this unique Panel/Seminar, five senior drama therapists will explore the powerful impact that the experimental theatre (1960s onward) had on the emerging field of drama therapy. Through PowerPoint images and reminiscence, they will demonstrate how this playful, creative revolution in theatre effected their personal conceptualizations of drama therapy. (1.5 CE hours)

Evening Performance
8:30pm - 10:00pm

P 2: Unfiltered Profiles by Theatre for Change
Renee Emunah, PhD, RDT/BCT
Aileen B. Cho, MA, RDT
Amelia Kriss
Dondre Coleman
Maya Grodman
V Haddad
Mikilah Johnson
Amanda Johnston
Chelsea Westphal
Red Martinez

The 8th original theatre piece produced by the CIIS Drama Therapy Program Theatre for Change project, and the first to tackle the toll of sexism, sizeism, and violence against women. Performed by 6 current drama therapy students and directed by Aileen Cho, a graduate of the program (in collaboration with Renee Emunah), Unfiltered Profiles also confronts the gender binary, the pain of ongoing racism, and the impact of technology on conversations around diversity.  The piece incorporates docu-drama, as well as original musical scores. TfC was honored by the NADTA Raymond Jacobs Memorial Diversity award in 2012. (1.5 CE hours)