Magnetic Forces: 
Working with Attraction and Aversion
to Difference and Social Justice

Conference: Sunday, October 18, 2015


Early Morning Offerings
8:00am - 9:00am

SU 1: Yoga & Developmental Transformations
Nicole Brucato Cooley, RDT, LMFT, RYT
Mira Rozenberg, MA, RDT

Join Mira and Nicole for an embodied playful experimentation of Yoga and Developmental Transformations (DvT). Yoga is an all encompassing practice that leads to taming the mind so we can be free in our bodies, relationships and every aspect of our lives. We will explore concepts of yoga philosophy as it relates to the body, mind and play. Please wear comfortable clothing.

SU 2: BCT Meeting
Jennifer Wilson, RDT, LCAT, Education Chair

This is a required meeting for all Board Certified Trainers, moderated by Education Chair Jennifer Wilson. Bring your questions and concerns.

SU 3: RDT Application Process
Liz Muckley, LCPC, RDT/BCT, Registry Committee Chair

This one hour session will take you step by step through the application requirements. Download and print out a blank application, make a list of your questions and meet Liz Muckley, Chair of the Registry committee, your guide through this important and sometimes confusing process. Don't let mistakes and a lack of foreknowledge delay your achievement of this important goal.

Sunday Morning Long Workshops
9:15am - 12:15pm

D 1: Who Am I to Run a Business?: Stepping into Private Practice
Kristin Long, MA, RDT/BCT, LCAT, LP
Craig Haen, PhD, RDT, CGP, LCAT, FAGPA

Therapists aren’t immune to internalized messages about what they should/shouldn’t be. The presenters will examine myths that act as barriers to starting a business. Resources on practice building, ethical business approaches, and managing financial risks will be offered. Dialogue will be fostered about the realities of private practice.

D 2: The Reflective Practitioner: Exploring Intercultural Connections Within and Across Borders
Mandy Carr, MA
Ditty Dokter, PhD

Based on an MA dramatherapy module at Anglia Ruskin University UK, this workshop aims to develop interculturally reflective practitioners who are able to draw on the richness of their own cultural background. Story, myth and embodiment, along with intercultural good practice guidelines developed with the BADth and NADTA, will be employed.

D 3: Performing Paradox with H.E.A.T.
Jessica Litwak, MFA, RDT

A dynamic practical workshop in which participants are introduced to creative tools and applicable theory to use when assisting clients to face and embrace paradox, confront oppression, build community and transform conflict. We will build short solo and/or group theatre pieces creating useful, generous, and provocative art that serves.

D 4: Gender Privilege through the Lens of Masculinities and Femininities Theories
F. Antonio Ramirez Hernandez, Psy.D.
Jami Osborne, MA, RDT/BCT, LMHC, CAGS

The gender binary and its distribution of power and privilege is one of the most widespread systems of oppression. To eradicate this oppression, it is necessary to understand how gender identities affect individuals and their relationships. Drama therapy modalities demonstrate ways to explore gender identities and assumptions.

D 5: Bridging Documentary Filmmaking and Drama Therapy: Women's Narratives on Skid Row
Mimi Savage, PhD, RDT
Alina Skrzeszewska, MFA
Kelly Parker, MFA

The documentary filmmaker, Skrzeszewska, approaches creating narratives of women on Skid Row in a novel way through a drama therapist’s facilitation of a marginalized group of homeless women. Creating narratives with women via expressive arts groups, a collage of stories occurs over two-years resulting in Game Girls, the film.

D 6: Toward the One: Transpersonal Transformations for Social Justice
Daniel Wiener, PhD, RDT/BCT, LP, LMFT
Saphira Linden, MA, RDT/BCT, LCAT, TEP

Drawing from a diversity of cultural and spiritual traditions, the transpersonal drama therapy approach offers distinctive techniques to dissolve prejudicial distinctions resulting in social injustice. Through enactments of personal stories, guided meditation and sociodrama, culminating in a co-constructed celebration of unity, we shall explore the transcendent journey from individual to universal consciousness.

Sunday Early Morning Short Workshops
9:00am - 10:30pm

D 7: Working with "Disenfranchised Youth" in Inner City Schools
Diana Feldman, MA, RDT/BCT, LCAT

ENACT Inc. has successfully used its innovative drama therapy program to work in some of NYC's "toughest" inner city schools for the past 25 years, serving over 150,000 marginalized youth. Founder Diana Feldman presents her experiences through storytelling and interactive experiences. Best practices, challenges and successes address issues faced by our systematically oppressed populations in school settings.

D 8: A Rare Exhibition of Homo Elitus: Confronting Our Collusion with Authority
David Johnson, PhD, RDT/BCT
Nisha Sajnani, PhD, RDT/BCT

In this piece of performance art, participants will explore the dynamics of collusion with authority, especially with those in the dominant class. The discussion will be informed by a simultaneously occurring performance consisting of a member of the dominant class inside a metal cage engaged in the enactment of privilege.

Sunday Late Morning Short Workshops
10:45am - 12:15pm

D 9: Fiction Fueling Neurobiological Healing from Traumatic Stress in Underprivileged Communities
Michelle Farivar, MA

Scientific underpinnings from the latest neurobiological trauma research demonstrate that traditional therapy does not suffice. Scientific support for the use of dramatic techniques with underprivileged communities with a history of marginalization and trauma are outlined. Neurobiological integration, flexibility, and the polyvagal theory for affective co-regulation are explored.

D 10: Student Forum
Student Committee Co-Chairs

Do you want to connect with other drama therapy students? Come and meet students from other programs, regions, backgrounds and experiences to foster your personal relationships and create a stronger drama therapy community. Join the NADTA Student Reps as we get messy exploring the successes and challenges that come with being a drama therapy student. We hope to see you there!

CC: Closing Ceremony
12:30pm - 1:15pm