Keynote Address:

The Stage is All the World: Performing the Changing Landscapes Performing Us

North American Drama Therapy Association 2014 Annual Conference

Modern mental health tends to focus on the insides of human beings. But if deep psychological wellness is not separate from the health of nature, place, and Earth, how do we facilitate wholeness on a changing planet? This presentation will offer examples of how the elements and contours of the places we visit and inhabit interact so deeply with us that we often repeat historical, ecological, and geological motifs without realizing it. Tracing these relationships brings forth ideas and practices for cherishing the diversity within, between, and around us and for coming home not only to ourselves and to each other, but to the presence of our long-neglected homeworld.


Keynote Speaker: Craig Chalquist, PhD

Craig Chalquist, PhD., is the program chair of the East-West Psychology department at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. Craig focuses his scholarly writing and teaching on depth psychology, ecopsychology, qualitative research, Systems Theory, ecotherapy, and mythology from a psychological perspective. He practices what he refers to as "Deep Education": the kind that invites the human relationship to nature, elements, creatures, and Earth to shift from mere utility to deep appreciation. "'Deep' also means encouraging the learner to probe through appearances, surfaces, and customary explanations to explore persistent motifs, images, collective fantasies, and other structural forces that shape institutions, works of culture, and technologies and that constitute the true foundations of our time."

He also trains psychotherapists in ecotherapy techniques, has presented at Bioneers, and gives local presentations on "Gardening and Mental Health." He is on the editorial board of the journal Ecopsychology and a member of the International Association for Ecotherapy.