34th Annual Conference

Knowledge through Performance:  Arts Based Research and Drama Therapy

September 26 - 29, 2013, Montréal, QC, Canada

As drama therapists, we come to know the people we work with through play and through engaging with them in dramatic action. Our intentional use of drama gives us the information we need to know our clients and to work in their best interests. In many ways, drama therapy is itself a form of arts based research - the systematic use of the artistic process as a primary way of understanding and examining experience. In addition to conducting our research in libraries and lecture halls, we search for knowledge through play, performance, and in the laboratory of theatre. Arts based research allows for a multitude of ways to apply our art form to the process of knowing. Art becomes the means by which we collect and analyze information about the people with whom we work and it can become the way we represent and share the information. In the sometimes gray area between art and science, arts based research gives form and voice to innovative ways of knowing and acting.

For the 2013 North American Drama Therapy Association conference we invite you to come explore with us the many questions found at the intersection of art and knowing: Where is the art within our practice? How can that art create knowledge and how can it help us transmit and share that knowledge? What does our art teach us about our clients and ourselves? How are our experiences captured within the art form? Within drama therapy, how do we know what we know? And ultimately, what are some ways that we can navigate this interplay between science and art?

Join us in the vibrant, multicultural city of Montreal where the Arts and Arts Based Research flourish - where the leaves will put on their finest show - where delicious pastries and a diverse people will welcome you with open arms and where we will come together to explore the intersection of art and knowing. As the first conference in Canada after the National Association for Drama Therapy transformed to the North American Drama Therapy Association, Montreal is eager to welcome the organization back for a playful, artistic celebration and exploration.