Apply for the RDT Credential

At this time credentialing applications are disabled as forms and information are being updated. A communication will go out providing the new application information. If you have already started an application for the August cycle, you will be contacted by the NADTA office. We appreciate your patience during this transition.

Deadlines for submission are March 15 and August 15 of each year and are strictly adhered to. The application is not considered to be complete until ALL parts of the application are uploaded in the online system. Click here for help with completing the forms and navigating the application process.

There are 2 paths to obtaining your RDT:

1.  The traditional route, in which case you will fill out the entire RDT application at once.

2.  The interim credential route, in which you will initially apply for the provisional RDT (P-RDT) and during a subsequent application cycle and once you have completed your experience hours, you will complete Part B of the application.

  • Use this Check List for part A of the application to make sure all materials for your application are complete. Not required for submission.
  • Use this Check List for part B of the application to make sure all materials for your application are complete. Not required for submission.

We recommend that those applying first use the paper application to collect their information before starting the online application.

The following information will be needed to complete your application:

If you are unable to download the forms, contact the NADTA office at 888.416.7167 or

  • When submitting your forms electronically, please name all files with your last name, first name, and then a description of the item being submitted. The format of the file name should be: lastname.firstname_description.
         Examples: Smith.Jane_Application.pdf


Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts documenting educational requirements must be sent to the NADTA Office.

Alternative training students must upload their signed copy of the completed Alternative Training Learning Contract to the online application system.

Letters of Recommendation

Three confidential letters of recommendation must be obtained and must accompany the application.

  • When using the online application, you will be asked to input each reference's name and email address. The reference will then receive an email notification to upload their letter to the online system.

References should name their reference letter files as described above. (ex. Smith.Jane_ReferenceLetter_Submitter'sLastName.pdf) 

  • Recommendation #1:  A supervisor who has overseen the applicant’s paid employment as a drama therapist.
  • Recommendation #2:  An individual who has been in charge of the applicant’s drama therapy education and training. For graduates of an NADTA approved drama therapy program, this must be the program director. For alternative training students, this must be their RDT/BCT Mentor. 
  • Recommendation #3:  A drama therapist, creative arts therapist or licensed mental health colleague or supervisor who is familiar with the extent and quality of the applicant’s work.

Application Fee

There is a non-refundable $100 application fee. Click here to pay the fee. You must also be a member of NADTA for at least one year before applying. If you are not a current member, please contact for assistance.

Annual Renewal

If you receive your RDT, thereafter you will be billed by NADTA a yearly fee to maintain your Registry. Billing coincides with the NADTA membership year and may be paid in one check.

If you do not renew your registry annually, you will lose your registration. In order to reinstate it, you may be required to go through the registry application process again.

Questions about your application can be directed to: