International Registry Applications

The Registry Committee receives requests from international drama therapists who hold credentials in another country and wish to move to the United States or Canada and receive reciprocal registry with NADTA. The following has been approved to streamline the process for those who have been a professional in the field for many years in lieu of filling out the NADTA Registry Application.

Drama Therapy Jobs in the United States

In order to get any job in the U.S., one must be a U.S. Citizen or have a work visa granted by the federal government. This is handled through the U.S. government, and NADTA does not have any influence over this process.

In addition, individual states may require you to have a license to practice. Click here for information about licensure. This is a government process and NADTA does not have any direct influence over individual's ability to obtain a license.

Minimum Education Level Requirement for the Reciprocal Registry Option

In order to be registered with NADTA, all drama therapists must have a minimum of a 2 year MA degree in a field related to drama therapy (i.e., drama therapy, theatre, psychology, counseling, creative arts therapies, etc.) If you were registered in your country and you did not have to have an MA degree in order to practice and you still do not have one, you will need to receive an appropriate MA degree before this process is open to you.

If you have trained in drama therapy in another country, but never received registry or a credential there, you will need to apply for registry with NADTA under our Alternative Training option. Click here for information about the Alternative Training Program.

Minimum Professional Work Hours for the Reciprocal Registry Option

You will need to have worked as a drama therapist for a minimum of 1,500 hours after finishing your required internships and completing your drama therapy training.

Application Procedures

Please submit the following items by email, fax or postal mail.  Note that documents requiring signatures will need to be signed and scanned in order to be sent by email. If sending through postal mail, it is recommended that documents be sent using tracking - such as registered mail. Keep a copy of all documents for your records.

  • One copy of the completed form -  Record of Work and Theater Experience for Application for the RDT Credential. (Click Here to Download) 
  • A Letter of Intent explaining where you were trained and registered and why you wish to receive registry with NADTA. Please include details of your professional work experiences, any publications you may have, presentations you have done, and your drama therapy orientation (what techniques, theories, approaches you use and why). Please also address what you have done for continuing training in drama therapy and psychology within the past two years to stay current in the field.
  • Documentation of your Registration or credential abroad.
  • The Work Hours Page (page 6) from the Registry Application indicating all of the places you have worked in the past two years as a licensed/registered/credentialed drama therapist. Hours worked as an intern while a drama therapy student can not be included. These hours need to total a minimum of 1,500 hours.
  • One unopened, sealed copy of a Transcript of your post graduate degree (MA or PhD).
  • One unopened, sealed copy of a Transcript from the institution at which you received your drama therapy training (if this was a different place from where you earned your MA degree).
  • Three Letters of Recommendation (1 copy each, sealed in an envelope with signature across the seal) about your work. Ask them to address how they know your work, your competencies in the area of drama therapy, including strengths and weaknesses, clinical judgment, ability to communicate with other staff, and demonstrated understanding of boundaries and ethics. Letters should come from at least one recent supervisor, one colleague who knows your work well, and, if possible, someone who you have trained with. Please ask your letter writers to use the RDT Reference Letter (Click Here.) If your letter writers do not use that form, they must write on professional letterhead with full contact information, address the required topics and specifically include a statement that they recommend (or do not recommend) that you be granted registry in NADTA.
  • Membership in NADTA is required for applicants for the RDT, you will need to have been a member of NADTA for a minimum of a year before you apply for registry and be currently a member.
  • $75 Application Fee made out to NADTA.

Send this packet of information to:
     Registry Committee
     230 Washington Avenue Extension Suite 101
     Albany, NY 12203
          Fax: 518.463.8656

Deadlines for applications for registry are March 15 and August 15 of each year.