BCT Application Process

In order to apply to be a Board Certified Trainer you must have been a Registered Drama Therapist for a minimum of five years, and your RDT credential must be current.

Applications must be received in the NADTA office before March 15 or August 15 of each year and must include the following items. All documents should be emailed to: office@nadta.org.

When submitting your applications, please name all files with your last name, first name, and then a description of the item being submitted. The format of the file name should be: lastname.firstname_description.filetype

Examples: Smith.Jane_Application.pdf

1. BCT Application

2. Letter of Intent (4 to 5 double spaced, typewritten pages). Please share with us how you came to drama therapy and why you want to be a Board Certified Trainer at this time.

  • Tell us how you want to use the BCT, describe people, theories and events that have influenced your work as a drama therapist and your goals as a teacher and supervisor.
  • Include your theoretical orientation, familiarity of the scope of drama therapy, and any specialization you may have in the field. Outline your philosophy in guiding the professional development and skill building of a drama therapist. Conclude with your long term professional plans.
  • In order to make the extent of your mentorship experience clear, please make a detailed  account of teaching and supervisory hours, including settings, with actual face to face or group supervision.
  • Please describe your professional affiliations and NADTA involvement.

3. Curriculum vitae that includes:

  • Contact information; education and training experience; work experience that includes descriptions of positions and responsibilities (emphasize theatre and clinical settings) include names of supervisors  or mentors.
  • Include copies of any certifications, presentations, publications and honors you have received.

4. List of References.  (Page 2 of BCT application form.)

5. Non-Refundable $75 (USD) application fee. Click here to pay online.

6. Letters of reference. Three letters of reference must be submitted by professionals who are familiar with your work as a clinician, teacher, trainer, and supervisor. All such letters must specify the writer's relationship to you and the type of setting you were affiliated with. (Letters from clients, students, and supervisees – past or present - will not be accepted.  Family members cannot write letters for applicants.) They must address your relationship with peers and trainees. Have them refer to your character, personal boundaries and your role as an authority figure. We are interested in knowing about your creativity, your clinical and supervisory abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

  • The letters must be sent by the professional making the recommendation (not the applicant) via email to: office@nadta.org. 
  • These letters are confidential and will not be shared with you at any time.
  • References should name their reference letter files as described above. ( ex. Smith.Jane_ReferenceLetter_Submitter'sLastName.pdf) 

7. In addition to the above documents, you may choose to email scanned copies of any state licenses or credentials relevant to psychotherapy, education, supervision, or drama therapy which you wish to use to document your accomplishments.