Become a Board Certified Trainer (BCT)

A Board Certified Trainer in drama therapy (BCT) is a Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) who has the responsibility of training, guiding and mentoring individuals who aspire to becoming RDTs. Any Registered Drama Therapist who meets the requirements set forth by the NADTA board can apply for the status of BCT.

The Board Certified Trainer is a member of the faculty of the North American Drama Therapy Association. The BCT supervises the education of Alternative Route Trainees and guides them through their training toward the RDT. The BCT is responsible to the drama therapist in training, as well as to the NADTA which creates the guidelines for training.

Who is qualified to become a BCT?

A Board Certified Trainer in drama therapy is a Registered Drama Therapist who is a clinician or practitioner, trainer and/or a supervisor. The BCT is also a teacher who is well grounded in drama therapy and is familiar with its scope of practice. The BCT must also show active involvement in the association.

As a clinician, the BCT knows how to formulate therapeutic hypotheses and create appropriate interventions with clients. S/he understands ethical responsibilities and respects personal boundaries.

As a practitioner, the BCT is an artist, dramatist, educator or a professional in a related field, who understands the healing power of theatre and uses drama therapy to promote personal growth and therapeutic change.

As a trainer/supervisor, the BCT mentors and facilitates the development of a novice from learning the fundamentals of drama therapy to assuming a professional identity.

As a teacher, the BCT is familiar with theoretical issues in the field, and has the ability to organize and conduct academic courses.

The Board Certified Trainer has worked as a Registered Drama Therapist in the field for a minimum of five years and has mentoring experience.

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