Licensure in the United States

Below you will find links to counseling boards or state health departments, because as drama therapists, in general, our work is more closely aligned with counseling than with other licensed professions. We recognize a wide diversity within our field, however, and you may find that your own work (or training) is more in alignment with a different license or credential. We hope this list will give you a place to start in order to find out more about licensing in your region.

Licensing laws vary widely and the laws change. We also encourage you to find ways to think and work outside the box, in order to find gainful and meaningful employment as a drama therapist, whether or not you are able to be licensed. If you do not have a degree in counseling, you may have to advocate strongly for yourself in order to obtain a license. There are many jobs and opportunities, however, which may not require you to have a license. Be creative and diligent!

There are many people working towards licensure in many different locations. Please reach out the Government Affairs Chair and your Regional Representative to get connected to work already being done!

LCAT Fact Sheet

Are you interested in obtaining licensure in New York State? The LCAT Fact Sheet is a guide prepared to assist you in the process. The information contained in the guide includes tips from people who have applied for the LCAT as well as information from the NYS Office of the Professions.

New Jersey Taskforce

The Drama and Dance/Movement Therapists in New Jersey have become the New Jersey Taskforce and have been diligently working towards seeking licensure (LCDT- Licensed Clinical Drama and Dance/Movement Therapists). Currently, they are gathering legislative sponsors in both the Assembly and the Senate. To find out more about New Jersey efforts, please contact the Government Affairs Chair at

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