Call for Art
37th Annual NADTA Conference


Seattle, Washington
October 27-30, 2016

The Power of Dramatic Play and Creativity:
Sunshine Under the Umbrella

The field of drama therapy thrives on dramatic play and creativity: ritual, improvisation, theater games, role, masks, puppets, embodied and projective play are all core elements of our work. Dramatic play enhances therapeutic alliances and creates empathy; it inspires cooperation, flexibility and growth. Creativity allows us to express our repertoire of emotions and inspires our imagination. Let us come together to explore how the benefits of dramatic play and creativity facilitate change and improve overall health and wellbeing.

We are seeking artwork that evokes our theme, “Dramatic Play and Creativity: Sunshine Under the Umbrella,” to be used in promoting the annual conference of the North American Drama Therapy Association. Artists who are members of the NADTA and other allied professions may submit up to three images to be considered. Images must be in either GIF or JPEG file format and sized so that they are at least 600 pixels wide when displayed at a resolution of 72 pixels-per-inch. We will select one piece as our primary image to promote the conference, and will provide a $100 stipend to the artist. In addition, we may create an electronic exhibition with additional images.

Send your image(s) attached to an email (one image per email, please) no later than January 20, 2016.  In the email, provide your NAME, the TITLE of the image. Please include a statement which relates your image to this Call and a brief biography, using no more than 150 words (which may be edited for length). Please indicate whether you are a member of NADTA and whether you are an RDT or BCT. Please include statement in the text of the email; do not attach separately.

The subject line of the e-mail should contain "Sunshine Under the Umbrella" along with YOUR NAME. The subject line should look similar to this:
Subject: YOUR NAME: Sunshine Under the Umbrella

Please note: Images submitted for this Call must NOT have been shown in any previous publication. By submitting entries, you agree that we may use the images on the NADTA website; in printed and online promotional material produced by NADTA; in the NADTA Newsletter; and on the NADTA Facebook page.

Entries must be sent to by January 30, 2016.

If you have questions, please send them to Maggie Yowell at

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