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Drama Therapy for Parkinson's Patients

Drama therapy helps to rehearse resilience and lower anxiety for Parkinson's patients. Theater exercises also address Parkinson's physical symptoms in order to improve movement and voice. Watch NADTA Member and RDT, Anne Curtis, as she facilitates her Cheer Up Drama Therapy Group. Source: FHTVNEWS.COM

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Drama Therapy for Cancer Patients

Drama therapy can be a powerful tool for helping people living with cancer or in recovery from cancer. In both situations, patients deal with physical symptoms, like pain, as well as emotional symptoms, like depression, fear, anxiety, and social isolation. Trained drama therapists work with these patients to address individual goals and to improve overall wellness.

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Drama therapy is a new tool to help those with autism 

Drama therapy is a well-known, well-used approach to help people who have a wide array of conditions that interfere with their ability to interact well with others. Drama therapy uses exercises commonly practiced in the theatre such as scene acting, improvisation, and physical acting. Source: MN Spokesman-Recorder

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Drama therapy uses role-playing to heal

For some who see a therapist, just talking things through isn't enough. Drama therapy allows the patient to relive a moment or play out their biggest fears. Source: CNN

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